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Photo - Graham Milne

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 :: STOP PRESS :: Lewis has been nominated in the British Blues Awards as YOUNG ARTIST of the Year in 2014. Voting starts May 1st ...

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Ghost Train a runaway success :)

Thanks for visiting, please take a look around to see what we've been up to these last three years since it all began. In July we released our third studio album 'Ghost Train' after 5 months of hard graft, and already it seems to be attracting the attention of the music press worldwide (phew!) 

All reviews in full on the 'Press' page, and available to buy direct from us at our 'Shop', and via amazon, iTunes etc ...

Lewis Hamilton Ghost Train Cd Cover

Press Release - thank you Duncan Beattie !

Lewis Hamilton - Ghost Train Press release 92 dpi 24072013 copy

" A very surprising and varied CD which I value very highly. With this Lewis has delivered a professional CD that deserves much attention"
Andre Wittebroek (Blus Magazine)

" Ghost Train is a top album ... already in my personal top ten this year.""
Philip Vehaege (Keys and Chords)

Ghost Train is a very strong and varied album that provides some good promotion ..."
Walter Vanheuckelom (Rootstime.BE)

Lewis Hamilton seems to be a flawless offspring of the North American roots of the blues."
Steve Brown (Rocktimes.DE)

" While he has shown that he can hold his own with any guitarist on the scene, he is so much more.  His work is soulful, evoking images in the mind of the listener that one would expect from a man twice his age."
Bill Wilson  (Reflections in Blue)

There are traces in his style of Henrik Freischlader – always looking for a fresh way of presenting the music and not afraid of taking a new direction  ‘Ghost Train’ is an always interesting disc ... "
John Hurd (3songsbonn.com)

" This is heartfelt soulful music, just as honest as the day is long in June, and when music has that much integrity, it just has to be good."
Jon Seymour (Firebrand Magazine)

" The music is solid - the trio rocks, sometimes gets funky … Definitely recommended for fans of the genre."
Nathan Nörgel  (Wasser-Prawda Magazine)

" Hot Blooded Caledonian Blues - could any music fan refuse? "
Ian Rankin

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Lewis Hamilton - Ghost Train (Album Promo)
The third studio album by Lewis Hamilton due to be released at the end of July 2013Pre-orders are available via:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=271240975583Paypal to f...

Lewis Hamilton by Stuart Stott 
Photo - Stuart Stott
Lewis Hamilton - Guitar/Vocals 
Lewis Hamilton Band - Nick hamilton, Bass
Photo - Graham Milne
Nick Hamilton - Bass 
Lewis Hamilton Band - Pete Rabjohns - Drums

Ben O'Reilly - Drums


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Lewis Hamilton & The Boogie Brothers - Empty Roads - Hebden Bridge Blues Festival
The Picture House , 3rd June, 2012Lewis Hamilton - guitar and vocalsNick Hamilton -- bassSanta - drumsThis is the title track from the band's new cdhttp://www.lewishamiltonmusic.com/de...

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