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Jo Harman live at the Thornhill Music Festival May 3rd 2014.
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Empty Roads
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Gambling Machine
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Jock's Juke Joint Vol 1
Compilation CD
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Compilation CD
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Jock's juke Joint Vol 3
Compilation CD
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Lewis Hamilton - Ghost Train Cd 800

Lewis Hamilton - Ghost Train back rgb 800

" A very surprising and varied CD which I value very highly. With this Lewis has delivered a professional CD that deserves much attention"
Andre Wittebroek (Blus Magazine)

" Ghost Train is a top album ... already in my personal top ten this year.""
Philip Vehaege (Keys and Chords)

Ghost Train is a very strong and varied album that provides some good promotion ..."
Walter Vanheuckelom (Rootstime.BE)

Lewis Hamilton seems to be a flawless offspring of the North American roots of the blues."
Steve Brown (Rocktimes.DE)

" While he has shown that he can hold his own with any guitarist on the scene, he is so much more.  His work is soulful, evoking images in the mind of the listener that one would expect from a man twice his age."
Bill Wilson  (Reflections in Blue)

There are traces in his style of Henrik Freischlader – always looking for a fresh way of presenting the music and not afraid of taking a new direction  ‘Ghost Train’ is an always interesting disc ... "
John Hurd (3songsbonn.com)

" This is heartfelt soulful music, just as honest as the day is long in June, and when music has that much integrity, it just has to be good."
Jon Seymour (Firebrand Magazine)

" The music is solid - the trio rocks, sometimes gets funky … Definitely recommended for fans of the genre."
Nathan Nörgel  (Wasser-Prawda Magazine)

" Hot Blooded Caledonian Blues - could any music fan refuse? "
Ian Rankin

Lewis Hamilton - Ghost Train track list

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Lewis Hamilton - Ghost Train (Album Promo)
The third studio album by Lewis Hamilton due to be released at the end of July 2013Pre-orders are available via:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=271240975583Paypal to f...

Jock's Juke Joint Vol 3 Front - Lewis Hamilton Music

In 2012 we decided to bring out a compilation CD featuring some of the Scottish Blues artists we knew - giving them much needed exposure, and in some cases a demo as part of the package. Little did we know we would end up with THREE volumes, great reviews and over 70 airplays worldwide! Huge thanks must go to Duncan Beattie who helped tirelessly with contacts, prosaic bios, press releases and admim.

Jock’s Juke Joint Volume 3 

The response to Jock’s Juke Joint these last eight months has been overwhelming. Reviews have been universal in their praise, with broadcasts on 70 radio shows in over a dozen countries. Five of the featured artists received song writer nominations in the British Blues Awards while Jock’s Juke Joint branded events have developed as far south as the Maryport Blues Festival. 

The Independent Blues Broadcasters Association (IBBA) made this their first ever album of the month (for April 2013). As before this album tells of those who’ve thrived within the Scottish blues scene, those who’ve recently entered it; those who’ve established themselves since arrival in Scotland and those who’ve left to further their names elsewhere. Wherever their journey, as the auld expression goes, they’ll always remain Jock Tamson’s bairns. 

And so this concludes the Jock’s Juke Joint trilogy. We believe it provides a real indication of the blues talent and song writing emerging from Scotland.  While we celebrate the present, the passings of Laurie Hamilton and George Ross Watt are raw in the memory. Like them, we hope some of the unsung talent of the series can be similarly influential. Duncan Beattie (Blues Matters, Classic Rock: The Blues Edition, Early Blues.com) 

www.facebook.com/jocksjukejoint @jocksjukejoint

Jock's Juke Joint Vol 1

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Jock's Juke Joint Vol1
Jocks Juke Joint vol 1 - Available soon at itunes, amazon and http://www.birnamcdshop.com/Vol 2 should be out by Nov 2012http://www.facebook.com/JocksJukeJointhttp://www.lewishamiltonmusic...

Final Back comp web 19082012 copy Lewis Hamilton MusicFinal Jukes for web Lewis Hamilton Music

Jocks Juke Joint Vol 1 Lewis Hamilton Music

Jock's Juke Joint Vol 1
Jock's Juke Joint Vol 2

Jock's Juke Joint Vol 2

Jock's Juke Joint reviews

"What a pleasant change this album is from the normal diet that we are being fed in the U.K. at the moment of guitar dominated power trios and well done to Duncan Beattie and Lewis Hamilton for having the courage to release an album of Scottish, yes, I said Scottish blues stars. We always seem to be the forgotten cousins up here north of Newcastle with most of the press and emphasis being placed on our southerly neighbours. There are probably valid reasons for this with one of the biggest factors being the distance we are from clubs in London and also the rocketing cost of travel and somewhat pitiful financial and hospitality rewards you receive once you get there, but judging from the array of talent displayed on this disc it is time for blues music promoters to invest in Scottish talent and help to present them to a far wider audience.This album does not disappoint on any level and no matter what your particular Blues Bag is you will be sure to find something to tickle your fancy, from the straight ahead boogie of Stevey Hay's Shades of Blue to the beautiful guitar work of Lovat Houndog Fraser." 
Tim Elliot, Blues 'N Trouble

Some 5 star feedback from amazon.com 
 "Have just received my copy of this album and I have to say it is outstanding. Not only does it feature 17 of the Uk's best contemporary Blues artists, it also contains some of their best songs. The quality of the recordings is so good, you really do feel that you are immersed in some live music Juke Joint which you might be forgiven for thinking was closer to Mississippi than Scotland! There are so many outstanding tracks that you don't feel the need to skip a single song. But what impresses me most about the album is the richness and variety of music you get - from the energetic "Shake Rag Boogie" of Stevey Hay to the the slow burning, southern blues rock of Albany Down. It has something for all fans of blues music and is a really good showcase of the talent we have in Scotland today."

 "Where to begin? This is a great compilation of songs from the cream of the current Scottish blues bands. The opening song "Shake Rag Boogie" is guaranteed to have your foot tapping. There's a song from Scotland's own Lewis Hamilton(who also seems to be behind the compilation as it's on his record label). There's solo acoustic blues from Sleepy Eyes Nelson, revved up blues from The Jensen Interceptors, smokey blues from The Dana Dixon Band, rockin' blues from Ruff Cut, in short - if you like the blues there will be something for you on this album!"  
Andrew Sinclair - Scone, Perthshire

   "I have recently purchased this CD and is worth every hard earned penny. I knew about a couple of the bands on Jock's Juke Joint Vol 1 as I've had the pleasure of hearing them live. Looking down the song lists that I didn't know left me intrigued to hear what they had to offer. I have to say from the first to the last song the variety and balance of tracks chosen is brilliant. There are a few songs that are gentle and easy to listen to, then wow a few that you just can't help nodding the head in the car to. Outstanding Volume of Blues Rock and look forward to Vol 2."  'Alan'

Empty Roads

Lewis Hamilton Empty Roads coverLewis Hamilton - Empty Road sDigipack Back

Lewis Hamilton - Empty Roads CD inside
Empty Roads was released in 2012, recorded with a very 'live' feel and featuring just the 3 members of the band. It truly reflects the raw energy of their stage performances.

 "Empty Roads is the bands second album since forming in 2010 and looks to replicate the success of their debut release Gambling Machine which was well-received by blues fans and music press alike. With a vocal maturity that belies his eighteen years, Lewis impresses with every self-penned track, from the sultry opening of ‘Drinking Game’ to the up-tempo, funky ‘It Won’t Be The Same’. The catchy title track has obvious commercial appeal, its pounding beat contrasting with the moody ‘Candlelight and Sympathy’ and delta-inspired ‘Like a Burning Tree’. Two contrasting instrumentals bring the album to a close, Granny Cool, a manic ‘blues/ ceilidh’ hybrid and the captivating acoustic ‘The Stream’ which meanders softly, like leaping salmon fanned by dancing butterflies. After two year’s hard gigging in their native Scotland, the band is poised to break through to a wider UK audience. This inspired production is the perfect calling card." 
Liz Farmer, Blues in Britain, 15/08/2012

"In a room where everyone else is exploring the rockier fringes of their genre in a search for distinctiveness Lewis stands out by virtue of his traditional sound. There signs of youth in the music, a certain lack of restraint in the guitar (which I like a lot) and the occasional forced nature of the vocals. It is exciting though, and that makes for an extremely enjoyable listen ... it’s not all full on balls to the wall guitar hero stuff, and the beautiful delicate playing of the acoustic instrumental, The Stream offers a great foil for the rockier numbers. All in all, this is a very impressive release, it opens strongly and keeps up the momentum throughout while offering some seriously amazing guitar playing backed by an astoundingly tight band. If you're interested in where the blues is headed you could do a lot worse than to listen to Lewis Hamilton, he certainly gets a thumbs up from me ! " 
Ian McHugh, UK Jazz FM

"I love the sound of a blues guitar solo and on this album there are some of the finest that I’ve heard anywhere. On the slower tracks where the rest of the musicians hold back a bit, to make the guitar just that bit more prominent, the overall effect is beautifully done ... As a collective work this is one of the finest blues albums I’ve heard so far this year. Empty Roads will take you on a winding journey, and if you close your eyes you can imagine yourself blasting down a meandering country road on (or in) whatever mode of transport takes your fancy. If there is any justice in the world then this album should be huge as it’s just sublime. Yeah, I absolutely love it, and honestly I was taken aback by just how good it actually is. If you’re a blues fan, then this album is a must. If though, like me, you just enjoy honest music, played by excellent musicians, then this album should be right up your street. So what are you waiting for ? "
Jon Seymour - www.cackblabbath.com 

Gambling Machine

Lewis Hamilton - Gambling Machine back coverLewis Hamilton - Gambling Machine front Cover

Lewis Hamilton - Gambling Machine inside

"Employing the extraordinary guitar playing skills of one Lewis Hamilton, the energy of this power trio should make immediate contact with blues rock audiences. Lewis Hamilton and the Boogie Brothers are sort of a family run enterprise, with Lewis’s father Nick on bass, as the family connection grows even stronger with the guitarist’s cousin Steve handling piano and even drums on some occasions. But this is far from being a comfy, free of excitement family gathering. With Lewis at the helm, surrounded by excellent musicianship helping him in steering in the right direction, The Boogie Brothers are an ominous blood bond assembly." Daniel Pavlica (www.rocktologist.com)

"The pride of Auchterarder , this outfit is gonna be the next big thing on the European Blues scene Life on the Road is brilliant , and my personal fave . but hey the whole album is a doozy. Do yourself a favour blues fans buy this one and enlighten yourself to the talent."
Iain D. Renicks, Thornhill, Scotland (Review on Amazon)

"Best breakthrough acts join welcome returners for eighth blues festival - The eighth Shetland Blues Festival takes place this year on the weekend of 9th to 11th September and features some welcome return acts plus two of the best breakthrough acts on the UK blues scene this year ... With the release of their debut album Gambling Machine, Lewis has set a benchmark for young blues guitar players throughout the UK for the depth and range of styles that he plays on this outstanding release." 
Jimmy Carlyle, Shetland Times

Gambling Machine

Lewis Hamilton - Scottish New Music Award winners 2012

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